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  • Savings of $20

    WILD Soul

    Every month
    Mondays and Wednesdays
    • Access to BOTH offerings in WILD Ones + Sunrise Soul
    • Gain entry to our WhatsApp group
  • WILD Ones

    Every month
    Mondays 6- 8 pm EST via Zoom
    • Motivation and inspiration from a supportive community
    • Intentional check-ins and follow ups
    • Women holding you to the power of your intentions
    • Time and space to get to work on your WILD dreams
  • Sunrise Soul

    Every month
    Wednesdays 6-7am EST via Zoom
    • Develop a regular journaling practice
    • Create powerful daily affirmations
    • Establish a consistent exercise habit
    • Embrace a daily meditation practice
    • Learn visualization techniques
    • Cultivate a consistent reading ritual

All Plans Include:

  • Access to our monthly newsletter

  • Entry to our WhatsApp group 

  • Receive invitations to attend WILD events, courses and more 

  • Attend Ask Laurie + Karen LIVE Community Q&As 

  • Redeem special community discounts and product offers

  • Priority access to 1 on 1 sessions with either Laurie or Karen

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