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Are you seeking a POWERFUL community of women?

Are you ready to stop playing it safe?

But saying or thinking...

  • I’m too busy

  • I can’t afford to...

  • I want to make sure I do it right

  • I’m not ready 

  • I need more (fill in the blank) 

  • I will as soon as I “figure it out”

You know these are excuses, right? 


What’s really going on is…


You’re “playing it safe.”


What’s in the way of having the life you truly want to live, now?

What if you could make your WILD dream a reality?

We’re Laurie and Karen and we can help.


We’re so excited you’re here! 

We were called to create the WILD Dreams Manifest community because we believe each of us can be living a powerful, WILD life NOW.


Your WILD Dream can be yours NOW. We are here to nurture and support each other because nobody makes it to the top alone.


It’s that simple. 

It’s time to give up all of your reasons, stop playing it safe 

and go WILD with us !

Join WILD Dreams Manifest, and become an integral part of an exciting, supportive community of women ready to bring to life what’s been budding just beneath the surface!

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Join our community of women who will hold you accountable to your dreams!

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